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Steve Kardinal Jusuf

Associate Professor (Built environment and design; Engineering)



  • Transformation of industrial planning in Singapore: Study on the microclimatic condition of different industrial estates
  • An assessment method for existing greenery conditions in a university campus
  • Transpiration and cooling potential of tropical urban trees from different native habitats
  • Path to an Integrated Modelling between IFC and CityGML for Neighborhood Scale Modelling
  • Study on the microclimate condition along a green pedestrian canyon in Singapore
  • Urban climatic map and STEVE tool for sustainable urban planning in Singapore
  • Urban heat island study on building morphology related with micro-climate condition and energy consumption within Singapore commercial area
  • Valuing green spaces as a heat mitigation technique
  • Preface
  • Urban morphology and temperature mapping comparative study: Case study: Singapore's commercial area
  • Urban climatic map studies in Singapore
  • Urban heat island and mitigation strategies at city and building level
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)-based Urban Heat Island study in NUS campus
  • Study on effect of greenery in campus area
  • GIS-based greenery evaluation on campus master plan
  • The study of height variation on outdoor ventilation for Singapore's high-rise residential housing estates
  • Special report on the fourth international conference on countermeasures to urban heat island (4th IC2UHI Conference) in Singapore
  • Mitigation methods of climate change impact on the cooling load of public residential buildings in singapore
  • Comparison of steve and envi-met as temperature prediction models for singapore context
  • Thermal comfort in outdoor urban spaces in Singapore
  • The significance of using local predicted temperature for cooling load simulation in the tropics
  • Impact of urban morphology on microclimate and thermal comfort in northern China
  • Outdoor mean radiant temperature estimation in the tropical urban environment
  • Simulation of the impact of climate change on the current building's residential envelope thermal transfer value (ETTV) regulation in Singapore
  • STEVE tool: Bridging the gap between urban climatology research and urban planning process
  • The influence of land use on the urban heat island in Singapore
  • The study of variation in Gross Building Coverage Ratio on estate-level outdoor ventilation
  • Influence of water bodies on outdoor air temperature in hot and humid climate
  • Indoor Thermal Comfort Assessment of Industrial Buildings in Singapore
  • Integrated modeling of CityGML and IFC for city/neighborhood development for urban microclimates analysis
  • Thermal environment assessment around bodies of water in urban canyons: A scale model study
  • Environmental study of the impact of greenery in an institutional campus in the tropics
  • Air temperature distribution and the influence of sky view factor in a green singapore estate
  • Effects of vertical greenery on mean radiant temperature in the tropical urban environment
  • Integrated urban microclimate assessment method as a sustainable urban development and urban design tool
  • Urban microclimate analysis with consideration of local ambient temperature, external heat gain, urban ventilation, and outdoor thermal comfort in the tropics
  • Evaluation of the impact of the surrounding urban morphology on building energy consumption
  • Impact of plant evapotranspiration rate and shrub albedo on temperature reduction in the tropical outdoor environment
  • Study on correlation between air temperature and urban morphology parameters in built environment in northern China
  • Experimental Study on the Influence of Urban Water Body on Thermal Environment at Outdoor Scale Model
  • Editorial: Urban Heat Island (UHI) and its Mitigation through Urban Planning, Design, and Landscaping
  • Experimental study on the impact of facade design on indoor thermal environment in tropical residential buildings
  • Effects of Agrivoltaic Systems on the Surrounding Rooftop Microclimate
  • Experimental investigation of the cooling capacity and thermal performance of the passive displacement dual cooling coil system in tropical climate
  • Experimental assessment of thermal and acoustics interactions on occupant comfort in mixed-mode buildings

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