Singapore Institute of Technology
Dr MUSTAFA Shabbir Kurbanhusen is an Associate Professor in the Engineering Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and is also the Deputy Director of SIT's Applied Research Office, where he manages data governance aspects. In addition to teaching at the undergraduate level, he also embarks on applied research projects in the field of robotics and conducts consultancy projects in lean manufacturing to assist local companies to enhance their productivity. He was previously a Research Scientist at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology A*STAR, leading a team in industrial robotics initiatives for productivity enhancement in the local manufacturing sector. Google Scholar Profile ResearchGate Profile


  • Force-closure workspace analysis of cable-driven parallel mechanisms
  • Optimal design of a bio-inspired anthropocentric shoulder rehabilitator
  • Self-Calibration of a Biologically Inspired 7 DOF Cable-Driven Robotic Arm
  • Kinematic design of an anthropomimetic 7-DOF cable-driven robotic arm
  • A generic force-closure analysis algorithm for cable-driven parallel manipulators
  • Robot Work Cell Calibration and Error Compensation
  • Cable-Driven Robots
  • A Finance-Based Self-Learning Online Platform for Holistic Evaluation of Innovation Projects
  • Modular Cable-Driven Robotic Arms for Intrinsically Safe Manipulation
  • An Online Finance-Based Self-Learning Tool: Comparative Study Between Business and Non-Business Students
  • Self-Identification of the Joint Centre of a Cable-Driven Shoulder Rehabilitator
  • Kinematic calibration of a 7-DOF self-calibrated modular cable-driven robotic arm
  • A generic tension-closure analysis method for fully-constrained cable-driven parallel manipulators
  • Reciprocal screw-based force-closure of an n-DOF open chain: Minimum number of cables required to fully constrain it
  • Force-closure of spring-loaded cable-driven open chains: Minimum number of cables required and influence of spring placements
  • Self-calibration of a biologically-inspired cable-driven robotic arm
  • Kinematic analysis and design optimization of a cable-driven universal joint module
  • Design optimization of a cable-driven two-DOF joint module with a flexible backbone
  • A geometrical approach for online error compensation of industrial manipulators
  • Tension optimization for cable-driven parallel manipulators using gradient projection
  • A biologically-inspired anthropocentric shoulder joint rehabilitator: workspace analysis & optimization
  • Development of a Bio-Inspired Wrist Prosthesis
  • Numerical Orientation Workspace Analysis with Different Parameterization Methods
  • Experimental studies on the human gait using a tethered pelvic assist device (T-PAD)
  • Design and motion control of a cable-driven dexterous robotic arm
  • Learning based robot control with sequential Gaussian process
  • Reciprocal Screw-Based Force-Closure of Cable-Driven Closed Chains
  • A haptic device wearable on a human arm
  • On the Force-Closure Analysis of n-DOF Cable-Driven Open Chains Based on Reciprocal Screw Theory
  • Kinematic design of a 7-DOF cable-driven humanoid arm: a solution-in-nature approach
  • Design Optimization of a Shoulder Joint Rehabilitator
  • Learning-based robot control with localized sparse online Gaussian process

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